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Anlatım ingilizce zaten photoshop ingilizce o yüzden anlaşılmada bir problem olacağını düşünmüyorum :)

Open new 500×500 transparent document.
Fill it with #686868 color.
Follow my tutorial to create sea,(click here) or just save image and paste it into your document.

Name that layer “sea”
Drag top middle point down to get smth like this:

Now switch to background layer.
Pick #FF0000 as foreground color.
Take out soft brush, size 200px, Mode: Linear dodge, Opacity 30%, Flow: 50%.
Drag horizontal lines until you get smth like this:

Now change color to #FF9C00.
Do the same, as before, just drag more lines at the top, you should get something similar to this

Now to do sun:
duplicate background layer (in case something goes wrong).
Take out dodge tool, use these settings:

Click couple times on image like this:

Now we have to create some clouds.
Open new layer, and name it “clouds”.
press “D” to reset colors, and take out brush tool with these settings.

Now press F5 to open brush panel.
Use these settings:

Start brushing your clouds, alternate between black and white color (press “X” to switch colors)

Switch layer`s blending mode to “overlay”.
Filter->Blur->Motion Blur with these settings:
Angle: 0
Distance: 50
Set layer`s blending mode to overlay.
Now switch to “sea” layer.
Colorize: CHECKED
Hue: 15
Saturation: 40
Lightness: 0
Take out dodge tool with previous settings, and lighten parts under the sun, like this:

Ctrl+click the sea layer on layers panel to select it.
Pick #FF9C00 as foreground color.
Take out brush, but make sure you have unchecked texture option in brush pannel (F5, texture-unchecked) and change size to 200px,brush mode to “linear burn”, and change flow to 10%. leave other settings as they are.
Now brush over the sea like this:

Now pick #075DFB as foreground color and do the same.
Take out eraser tool:

Erase top part of sea layer (just drag horizontaly couple of times over the edge)
Take out blur tool size 50, mode normal, strength 100% and pass once over the top edge of sea.
And here`s the final result:


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